Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting Your Book to Top Bloggers and Top Sites

Want to get your book in front of people? One way is to find the most popular sites and blogs that speak about the subjects you write on. Send an e-mail to the main writers for the blog or site to see if they're interested in reviewing your book.

And how then do you find those popular sites and blogs?

1) Technorati ranks blogs according to number of incoming links, assuming that a blog is more respected and visited if more people link to it. Click "blogs" on their site to find their blog directory.

Now find the subjects that most closely match your topic and click on them to find the most popular blogs that talk about those subjects.

2) Download the free Alexa toolbar to discover how many people visit any given site. Click "Download the Alexa Toolbar" to start the process.

3) Search key words or phrases in Google Blog Search to find more blogs.

4) Of course, search Google to find other popular sites besides blogs.

Other ideas?

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