Monday, March 16, 2009

Third Publicity Step After Getting Published

There are more ways to assimilate information than reading dead tree editions. Why not get your book out to people who prefer to listen to books in the cars or on their i-pods? Why not offer it to people who like to download books onto their computers or Kindles?

You've spent all that time researching and writing your book. Ultimately, your vision wasn't just to publish a traditional book. Your vision was to offer the world vital information or a compelling story. Think outside of your book!

Here's some information on one company that offers spoken books: .

Here's some information on Kindle, which currently offers about 1/4 million books.

As I keep learning options, I'll keep you informed.

Second Publicity Steps After Getting Published

#6. (continued from last blog) Add tags to your Amazon book page. As you scroll down, you'll find the section: "Tags Customers Associate With This Product." What's this all about?

Sometimes customers aren't looking for a specific book on Amazon. Instead, they're searching for a book on a specific topic. They might type "ways to make money" into Amazon's search. How does Amazon know what books to show these people? In part, Amazon considers the tags that people have recommended to describe the book.

So, you want to put up all the tags you can that legitimately describe your book. Of course, you can simply brainstorm what search terms and phrases people might use. But why not tag with the search terms that are most used in search engines to search for your topic? In other words, wouldn't it be useful to know that the phrase I mentioned above: "ways to make money" is searched 135,000 times a month in search engines?

It's quite simple to get this information. I talked about it in a past blog. Consult that and find the terms that most people are using to search for the information you provide in your book.

Next, go back to your Amazon book page. Under "Tags Customers Associate With This Product," you'll find "Your Tags" and a box to "add" tags. So go to it - put in the most searched terms.

Unfortunately, you'll find that Amazon limits the amount of tags you can add. No problem. If your spouse or children or friends have their own Amazon accounts (they've ordered at least one book through Amazon), bring them some milk and cookies or offer to baby sit. When they turn their heads, get on their computer, go to your Amazon book page, and add more tags.

More later. (Cookies are ready. I'm going next door to add more tags.)